What is a weedmill? The easiest way to crash your weed for quality joints

The parts of a weedmill

The weedmill has three core parts. They comprise the grinder, a storage jar, and a dispenser.

Now that it’s best used for grinding weed, it is worth mentioning that the grinder does most of the weed rolling.

The storage space is critical for loading your herb or tobacco. The volume of space in this grinder helps you to measure your dosage and storage in 1 product.

The dispenser helps you in acquiring purely refined weed after making the needful rotations as explained on the dispensing your weed part below.

The most common material used in making a weedmill is anodized aircraft aluminum with stainless steel shutter.

You can obviously guess that any chances of stickiness to your weed are completely combated. The material, in the long run, helps you to save in terms of the weed that could otherwise stick in the weedmill and substantial amounts of cash every time you use it.

5 simple steps to follow while using a weedmill

  • Open the lid. The device has a storage space and is covered by a lid. To add any contents into it, the first step to follow is removing its cover.
  • Fill it. You undoubtedly need fine weed. You ought to fill the weedmill with impure herb so as to initiate the process of grinding it. The storage space present in most of these devices is ample to fill your weed, tobacco or any other substance of your choice.
  • Open the bottom part. This is only achievable via opening the stainless steel shutter at the bottom in an anti-clockwise direction. This helps you start the weed dispensing process.
  • Dispense your weed. You need to apply some little force on the lower part if at all you need your weedmill to function optimally. Be sure to let one hand make rapid rotations on the upper part as the other holds the lower part somewhat firmly. The core purpose for this is ensuring that there is a uniform dispensation and grinding.
  • Close your grinder. Making a clockwise rotation enables you to close the weedmill after having your weed ready.

Merits of using a weedmill

There is nothing that beats convenience matters portability. Thankfully, using a weedmill offers nothing less of this. In fact, it can fit in your pocket prettily well. Its size is small and it has a lightweight overall.

You don’t have to worry about sticky fingers when using it. The weedmill does everything superbly to help you rest assured that you don’t even have to wash your palms after the entire weed rolling time.

The third yet crucial benefit accrued when using a weedmill is the fact that you don’t meet any other costs to run the device. For instance, there is no battery needed to make it run its functions properly. Knowing how to use it helps you to make everything work in your convenience.

Lastly, your wallet is taken care of. If you need to get the best value for any cent that you spend, it’s worth it. You also don’t have to keep on incurring replacement costs as this grinder is built to last. That way, there is no doubt that replacing damaged parts is unheard of story.

Summing it up

Following the benefits and the plethora of substances that a weedmill can roll, it couldn’t get any easier and more cost-friendly to have such a gadget.

Whether you are a newbie weed smoker or a veteran, the best grinder in the market to serve you purposefully and conveniently is a weedmill. Don’t hesitate to get yours today and test the waters.