About us

The Weedmill

“Hoe relaxed zou het zijn, als we die wiet, in die pepermolen konden doen?”
Weedmill is a Dutch device created by two friends.
Different demands were selected at the start of this process.
We wanted an user-friendly product, to minimize the effort of rolling a cannelloni.
When applying the herbs…
After a long period of research and development to achieve these demands,
the weedmill was created and now available for you!
“Don’t ever lose your (weed)bag or grinder again, they are bad for our environment.
You will not lose your weedmill, because we never forget sweet Mary Jane.”

How does it work?

Step 1: Fill

Remove the lid and fill the storage space.

Step 2: Open

Rotate the shutter on the bottom of the weedmill to open for dispensing.

Step 3: Dispense

Grab and hold the lower part of the weedmill with one hand and rotate the upper part of the weedmill to grind and dispense.

Step 4: Close

Rotate back to close.